Hey! I’m Michał!


Cześć! (that’s “hello” in Polish!) If you were looking for some info about me, this must be here. I’m Michał and I’m 25 years old. Since I remember, I’ve always liked learning new languages, taking photos and sharing everything around me. In my last academic year, I did student exchange in Portugal and it was when my life has changed completely and I also started blogging regularly.

It happens to me to travel for a few days, but it’s just to relax. To be honest, I prefer travelling in slow-motion. I like to stop in one place and get to know it better than see five other at the same time. I want to understand the culture, meet new people, talk to them in their native language (it’s a challenge I always take!), try local food and feel, even just for a while, like a local.

On the blog, I mostly write about Portugal and Brazil. These are my two beloved countries. I always go back there with a huge smile on my face (not tears ’cause I don’t cry!). If you have some questions, feel free to drop me a line! You can also like me on Facebook or follow on Instagram.