Hi! I’m Michał, 23 and my dream is (what a surprise!) to travel around the world. Whoa, soo ambitious!

I like to travel in slow-motion, to stop at one place for a longer while and get to know it better than see five different places at the same time. It’s very important for me to understand culture, meet new people, try local food and feel for a moment not like a tourist, but like a local person. I lived in the United Kingdom for 2 months, in Brazil for 3 and in Portugal for 5 months.

When I don’t travel, I try to bring travels to my home. I often talk about them with my friends, we organise cooking parties and try dishes from around the world. I also invite foreign guests to show them my city and country. Couchsurfing brought a lot of new friends to my life, both while sleeping on somebody’s couch and when hosting someone.

About all my journeys – big and small – you will read on this blog. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Like, comment, share and travel with me!