The taste of cheeseburger at McDonald’s Imperial

I don’t know a person who wouldn’t recognize the most famous yellow “M” letter. McDonald’s fast food restaurants have reached almost every place in the world. We can order a hamburger, fries or shake almost everywhere.


However, there are restaurants slightly or even completely different from those we know. Some of them offer even different, more specific food. In Taupo, New Zealand we’ll eat… in the airplane, in Hyde Park, New York at the colonial mansion and in Ulsan, South Korea at the neon gas station. About another amazing McDonald’s restaurants you will read here.



One of the restaurants from the list is located in Porto, Portugal. McDonald’s Imperial took the place of former Imperial Cafe. Historial building from the beginning of the twentieth century (1930s) was in a desperate need of renovation and the fast food chain restaurant saved it, retaining its incredible Art Deco design: mirror walls, stained glass windows, chandeliers and other elements.