First days in Brazil – what, how and why here?

Good morning! Or maybe bom dia would be more accurate, as I am in Brazil right now! And I still can’t believe that Poland is around 10 thousand kilometres from here. And while living far from the ocean doesn’t make you feel this difference, the lifestyle here is… a bit different and still reminds me that I’m not from here.


But… how did it happen? Why am I in Brazil? The answer may not be very satisfying (cause it’s not), but also very easy – in June I spent all my life savings and bought a ticket for a September flight to South America. One-way ticket. That’s it. I didn’t even have the moment then to punch the air, because it was the time of university exams, finishing thesis and hundreds of other things that always like to overlap. It struck me, as usual, one week before the travel.



I like big cities, but the thought of living in Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, where the population reaches 6 and 11 mln respectively, overwhelmed me a bit. Besides, it’s always better when you have your friends around, and in Belo Horizonte I have a few of them (perks of being on Erasmus in Portugal). And frankly speaking, it would be hard without them, because the adventure started already in Rio when my luggage decided not to fly with me. But… as I left worrying in Poland and I came here with positive attitude, soon everything panned out somehow. After three weeks I live with great people, I teach English and explore the city everyday.



If it comes to Belo Horizonte (or BH, as Brazilians often say), it’s not a very touristic city. However, it’s my first Brazilian city to live, so I decided to explore here everything that is possible ;) My first days I spent on wandering around Praça da Liberdade with a few free museum nearby, so the photos in this post come mainly from there.




About the blog… something that was just a little blogspot experience during my Erasmus programme in Portugal, now I can call one of my biggest projects that I want to realise here – of course, as far as it’s possible. I’m really sorry for a long eight-month break, when the blog almost died. I’m coming back with a new energy though and I hope that my mother won’t be the only reader here. I have still so many photos and videos from previous trips on my hard drive that I don’t want to leave just for myself, so maybe from time to time you will be able to read some throwbacks. Wish me good luck. Or boa sorte!





So… who wants a postcard? :))


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