High and low tides in Blackpool

Lying by the Irish Sea made Blackpool (150k of residents) one of the most visited seaside tourist destinations in the UK. The city has lots to offer and the same number of places to spend money at :) The Illuminations are probably the most famous attraction (I’ll write about it in my next post), but an equally beautiful attraction is the sea itself. And altought you can’t swim in it (the water is very polluted by toxic fuels, oils and other substances), you can sit on the stairs and watch the sunset or inflows and outflows, appearing a few times during the day. If you’re lucky and the outflow is really big, you can walk around the beach stretching for 500 metres far from the bank!

I don’t know who formed this rocks near Gynn Sqare, but they perfectly imitate the rocky seasides of hot and sunny tourist destinations.

I must mention three piers – the northern (the longest one), the central and the southern pier. There are lots of bars, amusements parks and other attractions, the ferris wheel being probably the most alluring one. This one behind me is the northern pier.

The sea is beautiful and powerful at the same time. In Blackpool, where inflows are a the norm, the police very often patrol the beach and seaside banks, but sometimes people are taken by the water.